Cinzia Macchi

Founder LaMilanesa

The LaMilanesa project originated for a creative need, for fun and for a desire of rebirth, but above all for an ideal that combines charity and eco-sustainability. The first model, which marked the brand genesis, was created in 2018 in the heart of the 5VIE district, during the edition of Salone del Mobile dedicated to recycling.
This is just a small step for Cinzia Macchi, the creator of LaMilanesa, who wants to tie a meaning and a story to the bag as an object in itself. The LaMilanesa brand is a creative fusion of several styles united by a single underlying theme: the taste for beauty, details and eco-sustainability. “Each creation is a unique piece with its own style – says the designer. The craftsmanship and the research in fabrics and materials always evoke something, a place, an object, a perfume, a person from the present or the past, a place and a culture of the heart.”